Glow Force Sunday: (11 Min Story video)

 Exodus 1. God Sends a Rescuer

a. We get to talk to God about everything. We can pray anytime, anywhere.

  •  God hears us when we pray

b. There was an evil plan against God’s people, there is evil in the world today

  •  Every baby born is special
  •  Momma protected her baby by using a surprising idea.

c. The baby was found by the daughter of the King of Egypt, the Pharoah, and she adopted him.

  •  The hand of God was on that baby – a mission for his life
  • Moses was that baby. God called him to bring the light of God into a dark, evil world – it’s like glowing in the dark! Moses was rescuer, a savior for his people.

d. Jesus is the Savior for all who recognize who he is and choose to trust him. It’s the love and power of Jesus in us that makes you and I shine in a dark, evil world – bringing the glow so other can know Jesus too.

2. Learn this Scripture Verse (Power Point)
  • Matthew 5:16 “Let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father.” 
3. Play Games (15 min. Video – use all or some)