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Welcome Friends!

No one should minister alone. Just look at how many times the phrase “one another” was said by Jesus and His friends. SoCal Kids is all about the “one another’s” it’s a network of relationships and resources, a connection to like-minded people all championing the church’s call to minister to children and their families.

I LOVE and believe in the local church. Spirit infused people of God is the Father’s strategy to rescue and restore the most valuable commodity of all, people. Just think, when we all pull together God honors our obedience and does wonders through us, the kind of wonders that demonstrate His healing love.

Helping you do KidMin in your local church is important to us. Resourcing, training and partnering with churches and leaders means you have a friend in ministry. Plus, connecting beyond our own churches keeps us

  1. Collaborating – an amazing way to learn
  2. United in focus – working across SoCal for a holy cause and
  3. Having fun – SoCal Kids events are a party where God is the star player, we leaders are the coaches and kids are the cheer leaders.

So jump into the conversation, connect with people who care about what you live and die for, Kids and Christ’s cause in their lives. We are all better for having you in the mix.

Robin GarvinRobin Garvin
Passionate about declaring God’s character and making His name known, Robin Garvin believes in the local church and it’s call to show the world what Jesus looks like and Jesus really loves the kids! She leads SoCal Kids the “All Things Kids” department of the Southern California Assemblies of God. Robin has served as a children’s pastor with 3 SoCal churches and has ministered at SoCal Kids Camps for 20 years. Her teams lead Girls Ministries, KidMin, Junior Bible Quiz and Royal Rangers.
(949) 252-8691

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