Say Grace- Speaking Grace to a Generation


8:30am-4pm (Registration opens @ 7:30am)

Covina First AG -  250 E San Bernardino Rd.  Covina, Ca 91723
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INSPIRE Luncheon: "You've Gotta Laugh" w/ Craig Jutilia
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SoCal KidMin friends, we love to inspire and be inspired. The  Power Up conference has become our number one leadership development resource. Our 2016 "Say Grace" Power Up  event is bigger than ever, literally!


1. Compelling - Extreme favor when this race fully deserves the ruin it creates. Grace, God’s idea of love made plain and simple. God’s idea so we can belong fully to Him and why this generation is so desperate for it. – Jim Wideman

2. Contagious  - “They’ll know we follow Him by our love” – Can the people of God follow Christ without exuding grace? Ask someone outside of Jesus to define the word Christian and the picture is usually not pretty. If the number one human need is “to belong” how do God’s people do at making room for God’s family to grow? – Craig Jutilia

3. Consuming - Discipleship must be in the design of how we impacts kids and families. We are facing a generation of Bible disconnect. Life transformation comes from the applied Word of God, bottom line. Do we want changed lives? Grace is worked out as we walk it out. – Dale Hudson

Teaching Notes from Conference:

4. A Culture - Create the grace-space in your ministry. What does church look like when we walk in the grace we’ve experienced first hand? Works is a killer task-master. Families finding Jesus happens in a grace-filled church. You can do this because He already did the heavy lifting. – Megan Marshman

Event Speakers:

Craig Jutila

Craig Jutila

Dale Hudson

Dale Hudson

Jim Wideman

Jim Wideman

Megan Fate Marshman

Megan Fate Marshman


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